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Coastal Properties Management is a Professional Marina Management and Consulting Firm with more than 40 years of applied and executive marina and facility management, development, design and operations experience. Coastal has employed more than 50 full-time and seasonal employees in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Our team's experience in facilities management and development includes more than 60 maritime, multi-use properties, hotels, commercial office, boatyards and marine service. Many of Coastal's management contracts are in excess of 20 years in length. We utilize the latest industry technology, innovative management and marketing systems to ensure an efficient front and back-office management, financial controls, and world-class customer service. Together, the marinas which include up to 2,500 slips make Coastal Properties one of the largest marina management groups in the United States. Its corporate office in Annapolis, Maryland houses the executive, operations management, accounting, marketing and human resources departments.

Vinings Landing Marina - Norfolk Virginia

Coastal's corporate executive team is comprised of several individuals, each offering decades of applied maritime industry experience in the areas of: Maritime business operations, management, ownership, business development, marketing, IT, accounting, design, regulation compliance, real estate, condominium & board management, personnel management and human resources. Our team are also active boaters and boat owners (power and sail), with extensive boating experience throughout the world, including USCG licensed Captains. Most of Coastal's corporate team and many of its general managers have been with Coastal for more than 15 years!

The founder and CEO, Mitch Nathanson, has a history with marinas that dates to the 1970's, when he gave up a career as a Washington, D.C.-based architect to buy and renovate White Rocks Marina in Pasadena, Maryland. Five years later he sold the refurbished facility for twice his original purchase price, and thus began his successful career as a leading manager, consultant, and redeveloper of marinas.

Belmont Bay Marina, Woodbridge Virginia

Coastal's main office in Annapolis is managed by a team of maritime industry professionals who oversee the operations, customer service and marketing side of the marina business. Our Controller and Assistant Controller head up the accounting/control side dealing with the production of balance sheets and profit and loss statements. Our Office Manager and Director of Human Resources has been with Coastal over 25 years. She handles the payroll service and oversees all elements of the complex and ever changing federal and regional rules and laws related to employees and staffing protocols. We utilize an HR consulting group with legal advisors available for all resources needed to remain fully compliant.

View of Watergate Pointe docks

The scope of management and consulting services provided to our facilities or a new project is tailored specifically to the requirements and goals of the facility. Coastal's size and experienced team benefit each property with its ability to resource between property managers and knowledgeable advisors on all industry and legal matters providing accurate information, trends, support and knowledge bases.

Mission: "Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service and skilled management for our clients, though our corporate team and our onsite management teams, by applying the knowledge and experience of our accomplished maritime industry professionals to all of our management and consulting projects, in order to drive the success of our valued clients and offer the greatest experience to our boating customers."

The real estate division of Coastal provides real estate sales and market analysis assistance on maritime related properties throughout the country, to provide buyers, banks or asset management groups appropriate information for decision making. Coastal currently holds real estate broker's licenses in Maryland, Virginia, District of Columbia and Delaware, and cooperates with other brokers throughout the country.

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